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Invest before the boom. A 2015 article noted: '...over the last eight years the web-searching public has steadily decreased its interest in the latest information and news about climate change...'

Is this frigid interest in climate change topics slated to thaw anytime soon?

There's a saying that the only thing that is constant in the universe is change, and our planet's climate is changing faster than anyone is predicting. There is a good likelihood that growing climate chaos will trigger a glacier-sized interest in climate change topics. Renewed and supercharged internet search interest in carbon concepts could become unprecedentedly huge in the weeks or months after the next climate event, like a supersized cyclone hit on a populated metro area. When climate change interest peaks, like it did ten years ago, and keeps soaring, a massive transfer of ownership of the best early-bird registered carbon domain properties will occur. And who will be the lucky buyers? Deep pocketed bidders and investment firms, not independent domainers, who won't be able to compete with the big guns. That's why you should get in now, before the boom! Before there's a flood of wealthy investors to bid against.

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