The Rare Generic Carbon Domain Selloff

Featured FOR SALE: a very rare portfolio of quality generic keyword domains relating to the post-Carbon or low-Carbon future:


What is 'def' and where does 'def' link to?

'Def' is short for definition; the link will take you to a definition of the term posted elsewhere on this website. This website is 'Carborexia' is a new word that means extreme environmental consciousness. This website was created as an experiment by a domainer to create dedicated definition pages for his generic keyword carbon and GHG domains.

What is for sale?

The above exclusive portfolio is for sale.

Individual domains in this portfolio--and other carbon domains not listed above, also owned by the seller--may also be for sale. All domains are currently privately-held, wholly owned by an individual domainer, who has decided to sell off a key part of his carbon domain holdings--namely, this rare portfolio of quality, generic keyword, carbon concept domain names. (Until a sale is agreed to, the portfolio content may slightly change over time.)

Why are these domains valuable? ...'I never heard of these words'

With the ongoing and rapid carbonization - or 'carbon loading' - of the Earth's atmosphere, society will eventually have to communicate a lot about global climate problems by using meaningful carbon concepts. The keyword terms in this portfolio have been in use already in a narrow carbon sector for years or decades in various kinds of economic, news, scientific and government reporting. This portfolio comprises key business and mathematical carbon terms and carbon mitigation language, some of which we'll likely be seeing added to English dictionaries in our lifetimes! Quality generic keyword domains have been great investments! Here's a rare chance to grab these generic domains at a fair price before their real-world generic terms become commonplace and even trending.

How much is the portfolio?

There's no fixed price. Expected offers range from $10-45k

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